Grenada Triathlon Association

Tri de Spice – International Triathlon in Grenada

triathlon On June - 30 - 2020

Why the dictatorship makes a deadly virus even worse When it comes to a choice between securing citizens health and maintaining the health of the coque iphone 6 plus parfum Chinese coque iphone 5 luffy Communist Party there is no contest. Citizens cannot expect the spread of a deadly virus to change this state of affairs. In 2002/3 over 8,000 people were coque iphone 6 floral infected by the SARS virus that originated in China and spread worldwide. Over 700 people died. In Hong Kong alone 1,755 people were infected and there were 299 fatalities. Here we are again with an outbreak of a coronavirus in Wuhan. First we were told that the disease was not asos coque iphone 5 life threatening and confined to Wuhan. Then it was admitted that maybe it had indeed spread but only to Hong Kong over 900 kilometers away, somehow not stopping in places like Hunan, Fujian and Guangdong which lie in between. Why was this so Clearly it has nothing to do with medical science and coque mous iphone xs max everything to do with the fact that Hong Kong still has considerably more freedom of speech and a far freer media coque iphone 5c spider man than that on the Mainland. iphone 11 case review In other words it was impossible to keep news of infections secret in Hong Kong while the state controlled media, was, incredibly, still down playing the story this week. coque iphone 7 pas cher In Hong Kong, the waxworks who lead the government could not even bring themselves to issue either a travel advisory for Wuhan or insist that travellers from this area fill out health declaration coque iphone 5c lancel forms which provide a means of contact to trace those who turn out to be infected. coque iphone 5 pas cher It took extreme pressure for this stupidity to be reversed. bijoux personnalise Meanwhile officials were etui coque iphone 6s plus careful to repeat the party line about coque coque drole iphone xs iphone 6 hawaii this virus not being transmitted from humans to humans. custodia iphone Most incredibly, the government is coque de telephone iphone xs still pursuing an appeal that will allow it impose to impose a face mask ban. As for the Chief Executive in Name Only (CENO), well she was in Switzerland doing incredibly important things like meeting the prime minister of Luxembourg. coque samsung Go Carrie! Over belkin coque iphone xs at Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong’s flag carrier, now living in fear of coque iphone 6s pour aller sous l’eau offending anyone in Beijing, the bosses initially refused permission for cabin crew to wear masks on routes outside China because the party line was that the virus was not really spreading. custodia iphone The implication being that the problem was still really only about Wuhan. collier argent This is clearly nonsense and as both the death toll and the infection rate rises precipitously there coque iphone 6s plus pikachu is much thrashing about and focus on coque king iphone xs who coque iphone 5s rosepale is to blame. custodia cover iphone In these circumstances the Communist Party’s first priority is to ensure that there is no admission of systematic failure or structural failure emanating coque iphone gundam from the practice of secrecy which is the hallmark of all dictatorships. What usually happens and will predictably happen in this instance is that a clutch of individuals will be held to blame for their negligence and coque iphone xs avengers for failing to fully brief the infallible people who run everything from the Center. custodia iphone coque iphone 6 There will be a series of summary coque iphone 6 gucci gang dismissals and/or resignations although, at the time of writing, this has yet to happen. bracelet bijoux To understand why this appalling situation has arisen requires understanding of how things work inside the dictatorship. It seems obvious to say so but it is worth stressing that in China officials are only expected to have good news for coque iphone 5s avec diamant their superiors. custodia iphone This is why, for example, each province reports levels of economic growth that routinely amount to a higher figure coque iphone se lune than that given for the nation as a whole. What we learn from this is that the Center is well aware of exaggeration and outright lying from below and makes adjustments to better reflect reality. custodia iphone However no one is bold enough to tackle the underlying problem of why everyone in the bureaucracy has to lie because to acknowledge this requires a fundamental rethink about accountability. Citizens in dictatorships are also well aware that officials routinely lie, so that even when they come clean their honesty is not rewarded with belief but is greeted with skepticism. custodia cover iphone coque samsung Often this results in panic or at the very least irrational responses to situations that are quite controllable but only in circumstances where those exercising control have some credibility. custodia samsung custodia cover iphone disney iphone 11 case Thus the vicious circle of dissembling and delayed action emerged. custodia iphone Even in more transparent and accountable systems bureaucrats might try to behave coque iphone trepied in this way but they are quickly found out precisely because democratic systems are coque iphone 4s bleu turquoise designed to make officials accountable. Therefore anyone stupid enough to argue that the current health scare has nothing to do with politics needs to explain what’s happening right now as the Wuhan coque iphone se transparente fleurs coronavirus crisis develops. custodia cover iphone Hong Kong has been given a clear indication of how political considerations will trump the interests of citizens and how this can have deadly effect.

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