Grenada Triathlon Association

Tri de Spice – International Triathlon in Grenada



race # Last name First Name sex Country
6 & under Swim Trans Cycle Trans Run Overall
1 Lees Samuel M UK 0:00:00 00:00 0:00:00 00:00 0:01:00 0:01:00
2 wholesale jerseys Archibald Rayne f Grenada 0:00:00 00:00 0:00:00 00:00 0:02:00 0:02:00
3 Sydnee Steele f Grenada 0:00:00 00:00 0:00:00 00:00 0:03:00 0:03:00
11 Lillie Katie f Grenada 0:01:02 01:01 0:04:57 00:28 0:03:07 0:10:35
12 Noel Enya f Grenada 0:01:18 00:50 0:04:54 00:32 0:03:07 0:10:41
13 Ramdhanny Malia f Grenada 0:01:49 01:07 0:09:17 00:31 0:01:43 0:14:27
27 Ollivierre Kerry m Grenada 0:01:30 00:55 0:07:49 00:27 0:02:24 0:13:05
26 Felix Delron m Grenada 0:01:30 01:35 0:09:32 00:30 0:03:15 0:16:22
28 Smith Aimee f Barbados 0:01:57 00:43 0:07:21 00:35 0:02:34 0:13:10
42 Mohammed chelsea f Trinidad 0:03:33 01:10 0:09:35 00:27 0:05:40 0:20:25
45 Brathwaite Riley f Grenada 0:03:38 00:38 0:09:18 00:27 0:06:28 0:20:29
43 Felix Deleon f Grenada 0:03:47 01:18 0:12:08 00:39 0:07:32 0:25:24
46 Ollivierre Corey m Grenada 0:02:58 01:06 0:07:36 02:00 0:03:49 0:17:29
44 Sankar Sachin m Trinidad 0:03:01 00:36 0:08:25 00:28 0:05:09 0:17:39
41 Noel Callum m Grenada 0:03:17 00:57 0:08:57 00:25 0:05:49 0:19:25
56 Julien Meriah F Grenada 0:06:11 01:32 0:27:45 00:41 0:18:29 0:54:38
58 Muhammed Aleem m Trinidad 0:04:35 00:40 0:21:57 00:37 0:13:02 0:40:51



race # Last name First Name sex Country BIKER RUNNER
47 Cherebin Ore m Gda Steele Daniel Williamson Joshua 0:03:10 00:25 0:07:48 00:37 0:04:13 0:16:13
57 Moore Kendra f Gda Chelsey Latouche Amanada Gordon 0:04:18 00:14 0:23:24 00:24 0:09:25 0:37:45
59 Harford Sean m Gda Syzan Kenzo Domingues Jorges 0:04:26 00:14 0:20:24 00:20 0:10:39 0:36:03

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